Our shelters in Nunavik - An immersive experience in Northern Quebec

Shelters offered during Ungava’s Polar Eco Tours

When faced with the harsh conditions of Northern Quebec, it is important to have reliable and comfortable accommodations! Ungava guarantees its guests top-of-the-line equipment and shelters, made to face even the cold temperatures of Nunavik!

Discover Nunavik without sacrificing comfort with Ungava Polar Eco Tour

Our shelter pods

Ungava offers 5 large shelters that are perfect for two persons. Made out of rigid fibreglass, they are sturdy and resistant to wind, letting our guests sleep peacefully!  The shelters offered by Ungava are isolated and have a temperature control feature that guarantees a “glamping” experience even on the coldest nights of Nunavik.

Shelter description

Our shelters are 14’ in diameter to give a decent living space to its occupants. They are each equipped with a single bed, a double bed, one toilet, a vanity sink and counter, a desk, and seats to relax, and, of course, heating!

Where do Ungava’s guests eat?

You will notice that our shelter pods do not include a functional kitchen: it is normal! After all, our polar Eco tours promised you to discover the best Nunavik has to offer, and that includes food.

Share delicious and authentic food in Ungava’s shared dining room shelter

Inside a large 20’ shelter, you will find a fully equipped dining room where our chefs will prepare your meals. All the meals will be inspired by Nunavik and made by Quebec renowned chefs. The cook will prepare meals in this shelter also, so prepare yourself for an eye-opening culinary experience.

Immerse yourself in Nunavik culture through local ingredients and authentic dishes

The meals will be mostly made of locally harvested products such as Caribou, Muskox, Arctic char, sea run trout, mussels, and berries. All meals will be prepared and served in this kitchen / dining room. At Ungava, we believe that amazing ingredients deserve an amazing presentation